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Pet Friendly Accommodations in Midcoast Maine

Pet Friendly Accommodations  (Not available until November 1, 2014)


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The Carriage Room is pet friendly due to its immediate access to the outside. Please call to see if this room is available for the dates of your visit.   Often, it is not available.  We hold pet owners financially responsible for any and all pet stains/damage t o the premises/property, which unfortunately can amount to a substantial sum of money because of our investment in the décor of the guest room. To minimize the chances of such damage, the following house rules must be strictly adhered to by pet owners:

  1. All dogs must be completely housebroken- we cannot accommodate incontinent animals.
  2. Dogs cannot be left alone in the guest room at any time.
  3. Dogs are not permitted on any furniture, including beds, sofas and chairs.
  4. As a courtesy to the other guests, we cannot tolerate barking or howling dogs in the room or in guests’ cars parked in the off-street parking area.
  5. During wet or muddy weather, please towel off each time your dog is brought into the house. If you did not bring your own dog towels, just ask to borrow some from us. A hose can be found on the North side of the house to wash off muddy paws. Please do not give your dog a bath in the tub or shower.
  6. Dogs are expected to be fed in the bathroom or in their crates (if you brought one). Be conscious of spilled water.
  7. Dogs must be walked and go to the bathroom on the city’s streets and not in the front, back or side gardens. We have plastic bags and you can place the used bags in the receptacle located in the garden shed.

Owners who are unable to abide by these House Rules will have to board their dogs in a local boarding kennel.

If we determine that your guest room has sustained damage or loss because of your dog’s behavior, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the full amount of the loss or the cost of repairing or cleaning the damage.

For reservations call us toll free at 1-888-442-8771